KapparisWaterfun is a watersports resort based in Kapparis, Cyprus
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Waterski and Wakeboard school

Since 1978, we have been providing professional instruction in waterskiing and wakeboarding. We are the premier waterskiing and wakeboarding school & training centre in Cyprus with many regulars and satisfied members.
We use modern equipment and facilities to achieve the goals we set for all our students.

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Whatever your knowledge, your age or your expectations we have something for everybody. We coach all levels of wakeboarding and waterskiing from beginner to competitor.
We apply the newest techniques, keeping in mind that each individual requires a different approach from our experienced and patientcoaching staff.

cyprus watersprots ativities

Many have experienced the thrill of wakeboarding and waterskiing for the very first time with us since 1978. We have the calmest waters around the island and the right teaching techniques which will make learning to ski and wakeboard easier than anywhere else.

cyprus watersprots ativities

Our Learning Program

Our lessons are built on a step by step program.

  1. 1. First with the theory out of the water you will learn the basic fundamentals of waterskiing or wakeboarding from getting out of the water and standing up, learning the right posture, what to do and not do.
  2. 2. Then you will practise with our training boom to get the first feelings.
  3. 3. After this you will be able to use the short rope.
  4. 4. Finnaly you will waterski on the long rope.
How hard can it be? 6-year old learning to waterski using our training boom. After this lesson you will be able to waterski on the long rope behind our MASTERCRAFT World Record Tow Boats.

We GUARANTEE that you will be up on skis with only one lesson!